Who We Are

Parents for Window Blind Safety is a non-profit 501c3 that educates the public about the strangulation risk factors on window covering products, advocates for safer standards in the industry, and created the first window covering certification program in 2005, which certifies, tests, and promotes window coverings for safety.

PFWBS has been featured dozens of times in the press particularly in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Consumer Reports Magazine, Parents Magazine, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other publications throughout the United States. They have also been featured on ABC Nightly News, CNN, FOXNEWS, and local news stations all over the world.

The PFWBS Seal of Approval can be found on products in the following retail stores: Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, and Mendards.

PFWBS also incorporates consulting services for national and international manufacturers of window covering products and window covering safety devices.

How We Do It

Before giving the Lab Tested Mom Approved™ Seal, product samples must be sent to an accredited testing lab for review and analysis to determine if they meet the Lab Tested Mom Approved™ criteria. For products that pass the test, Labs will send a report to the company. Manufactures then must provide an additional sample to the PFWBS Testing Committee for assessment. For products that pass the test, PFWBS will send authorization to use the Seal in their marketing materials.

Our first-class safety criteria eliminates the strangulation risk factors on corded window covering products as set forth in the Trilateral Request of the United States Consumer Products Safety Committee, Health Canada, and the European Commission. Testing fees and annual fees to carry the seal on products do apply.

Parents For Window Blind Safety runs solely on private donations, fundraisers and fees from services we provide to the public.

Why We Do It

The PFWBS Mom-Approved™ program provides clarity to the marketplace as consumers and retailers will be able to easily identify products that have been tested and certified to meet the Mom Approved™ criteria. Consumers want experiences that are unique, provide clarity, personally relevant, meaningful, and memorable. Together, we can build stories that make a connection that creates powerful influential consumers for your brand.

Why does the marketplace need clarity? All products manufactured before December 2018 that are cordless required a warning label to be placed on the box and on the product in the United States. This created massive consumer confusion on products labeled “Best for Kids” or “Child Safe Blinds.” Consumers who purchased cordless custom products that are manufactured after December 2018 will continue to see this label due to the way the ANSI/WCMA 100.1-2018 Window Covering Safety Standard is written. We continue to work closely in the ANSI Safety development process so that product development, consumer confusion, and child safety can become effective in the future.