Window Blind Cords: The Hazard in Plain Sight

with No Comments – Safety tassels came with the window blinds Shero had in her home, but they did not prevent the cords from being tangled together and re-forming a loop in the pull cord. This is how Colton became entangled. With other kits, inner-cord stoppers may be included. These plastic pieces are almost like beads on the inner cords and are designed to keep inner cords taut so that they cannot form loops, but inner cord stoppers are not compatible with all designs of window covering products. A tension device takes a continuous loop cord — rather than the dangling cords — and attaches it to the wall so it cannot be placed around the child’s neck. (Picture something along the lines of a pulley system.) But, this safety device cannot always be installed on all windows. If there is a large window in the home with three separate blinds, there is no wall to anchor the tension device for the loop cord of the middle shade. What’s more, window blinds often outlast a tension device.

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