It’s Tragic That They Haven’t Been Taken Off the Market

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3-year-old+dies+in+window+blinds+cord+-+01“Her mom – just weeping and holding her. and, it was just the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. It was horrible,” says Monique Lum

3-year-old Sahrye Hardy died last Thursday after getting tangled in the cord of a window blind.

Monique Lum says she arrived at the Pineview Apartments in Happy Valley as paramedics were trying to revive Sahrye.

Sahrye Hardy and her mom were at the apartments for a play date at a relative’s apartment.

The little girl somehow got her neck tangled in cords on window blinds inside the apartment.

“And the mom was sitting in the room and it happened that quickly,” says Lum.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s investigators say a preliminary investigation confirms the cords on a blind strangled Sahrye, and that her death was an accident.

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